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  • Comprehensive financial planning services for individuals from all walks of life
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  • Independent, objective, and straight-forward financial planning guidance
  • Customized 5-Step process completely tailored to protect your interests
  • Investment and financial planning services for every generation
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At Piermont Wealth Management, we believe that our clients deserve high-quality financial planning services, no matter what stage of life they may be in. Whether you are looking to retire now, soon, or in the future, our New York financial planners are ready to create a plan that is completely suited to fit your short-term needs as well as your long-term goals.

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What Our Commission-Free Services Can Mean for You

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Why do so many people think that fee-based and fee-only are the same thing? These terms are NOT identical. They imply very different things, and we want to make sure our clients understand the difference and most importantly, understand how our Fee-Only Philosophy can benefit them. Learn the difference between fee-based services and fee-only services, below.


Fee-based services can include commissions and sales charges. A fee-based advisor is sometimes employed at a transactional brokerage firm and can sell various products like life insurance and annuities. Most notably, a fee-based advisor tends not to be a fiduciary to his/her clients.


Piermont is a FEE-ONLY wealth management firm! This means that we are a fiduciary on our clients' accounts. Because our recommendations do not affect our compensation, our advice is completely objective and free from conflicts of interest.

We are truly independent, objective, and commission-free, and file as such with the SEC.

We strongly believe independent, fee-only (non-commission based) advice yields the best financial solutions. It comes from our long-standing philosophy of providing ethical, conflict-free service and placing our clients' needs first.

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Often, investors are confused by brokers and believe the two terms: fee-based and fee-only are the same thing when in fact, the terms have very different meanings. If you wish to work with a team that operates under a strict fee-only philosophy, then look no further than Piermont Wealth Management!

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