Planning for Upcoming Retirement

New York Financial Planners Focused on Your Future

If you are within 10 years of retirement, you are considered a "pre-retiree" and should have a financial plan that reflects how and when you can afford to retire. Anyone who tells you it is fine to wait is just providing you with poor advice. The sooner you start formulating your retirement plan, the better.

Piermont Wealth Management can provide the insight and advice you need to begin focusing on your economic future. Our experienced New York financial planners can provide the strategic answers required to effectively address your upcoming retirement concerns. Maintaining your financial stability is our top priority.

We can assist Suffolk County and Nassau County clients from our offices in Manhattan, New York City and Melville, Long Island.

What is your number?

You've seen the commercials, you've read the articles. You need to figure out what you need to cover you through retirement. What is the amount of income-producing assets you must have saved so that you can afford to retire? The only way to figure out your number is by way of a comprehensive financial plan. A qualified financial advisory firm, such as Piermont Wealth Management, can assess your objectives and assist you in determining your "retirement number."

Our firm has developed an in-house process to assist you in identifying and reaching your desired retirement number. This plan includes:

  • Identifying your retirement objectives
  • Developing a financial plan tailored to your situation
  • Implementing and managing an investment portfolio specific to your goals

Formulating Your Retirement Plan

When tailoring your retirement plan, our experienced New York financial planners will look at your current cash flow needs and determine your net income. First, we will assess your cash inflow items such as social security, pensions, IRA retirement distributions, annuities, interest, and dividends. Next we will deduct your cash outflow items including medical, household, travel, food, taxes, and car expenses. We can then apply reasonable rates of return, inflation, and a list of appropriate assumptions in order to produce illustrations that map out your financial life.

Our skilled retirement planners can determine whether you will achieve your goal of properly funding your retirement. Our plans will indicate whether you need to work longer, reduce expenses, save more, or if you are sufficiently prepared for retirement. After we have created a financial plan tailored to your specific situation, we use it to properly implement a portfolio asset allocation. We can then effectively manage your portfolio in light of your risk tolerance and objectives.

Expert Counsel for Retirement Planning

At Piermont Wealth Management, we can provide a level of advice not normally found in other financial planning firms. Our firm's founder is a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), achieving one of the most highly regarded certifications for financial planners. In addition, he is an accomplished estate planning and tax law attorney. His financial knowledge combined with a proven legal & tax acumen equips us with the keen insight you require to effectively plan for your retirement.

Our strategic New York financial planners want to make sure you never outlive your assets and feel financially secure during your retirement years. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and begin focusing on your future!