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Our Client-Focused Solutions

At Piermont Wealth Management, we have been guiding individuals and families through retirement & financial planning since 2000. Our broad comprehensive approach includes investment management and financial planning services, along with retirement planning and retirement income services. Our clients can always place their complete trust in our financial planning skills and insight, thanks to our experienced advisory team and our commitment to providing independent and conflict-free advice. As a fee-only wealth management firm, we do not accept commissions, which allows us to remain objective when dispensing financial advice and guidance. Contact us today at (888) 910-1666.

Always utilizing our five-step process – (1) consultation, (2) discovery, (3) strategy, (4) implementation, and (5) review - we can identify your retirement and investment objectives, develop a financial plan tailored to your situation, and implement and manage an investment portfolio specific to your financial goals. Please continue to learn more about our services solutions.

Our Solutions

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Financial Planning

When you retain our firm, you usually work through a financial planning process that allows us to identify very specific goals and objectives, and create a financial plan tailored to your situation. From here, our investment management team builds a well-diversified portfolio in light of your risk tolerance. It is important that a client's risk tolerance is addressed so as to build an appropriate portfolio asset allocation.

Investment Management

Our investment management team works with you to make sure that your investment portfolio is as you need it to be, this includes development and implementation of a risk-adjusted investment strategy. At Piermont Wealth Management we do not take custody of our clients' assets. Rather a third party company like Charles Schwab Institutional, or TD Ameritrade Institutional, serves as the keeper of your personal portfolio assets. Piermont Wealth Management typically has the discretion to make trades on behalf and in the best interests of our clients.

Retirement Planning

Retiring is a monumental milestone in a person's life, no matter if you are currently retired, or just planning for the future, it is never too late to get your financial retirement affairs in order. Depending on what stage you are in life, we will evaluate your financial standing and help you enact a forced savings plan. This will allow you to gather excess monies saving them in a retirement fund. The team at Piermont Wealth Management ensures that each of our customers is satisfied with how their retirement portfolio is being handled. If any customer is unsatisfied with their retirement planning services, we work tirelessly to make sure that your financials are where you want them to be.

Ready to begin? Contact our New York and Florida investment team today!

When it comes to planning your financial future, you need to turn to a wealth management firm with the resources and skills to help you prepare for whatever may lie ahead. Our New York and Florida firm is led by an attorney turned Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), whose experience and rare professional qualifications can be beneficial to your financial planning needs.

Our clients are our top priority and we are truly interested in safeguarding their financial futures. We strive to establish long-term professional relationships with our clients, which starts during a free consultation. We serve clients in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York City, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, and Delray Beach with offices in Manhattan, Melville, and Boca Raton.

For the skilled and trustworthy guidance you need from a true fiduciary advisor, please contact us at (888) 910-1666 as soon as possible.


What You Can Expect

When You Work With Piermont Wealth Management
  • An Investment team with a total of more than 20 years of experience.
  • Unique guidance from an estate planning attorney turned Certified Financial Planner®.
  • Comprehensive financial planning services for any investment portfolio.
  • Independent fiduciary advice regulated by the federal government.