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At Piermont Wealth Management, we offer personalized planning solutions for all generations. No matter what your stage of life, our New York and Florida financial planning firm utilizes a five-step process to tailor our services to your current situation and goals for the future. If you are just starting to save for retirement, retiring soon, or already retired, we can address your financial concerns and assist you in creating an effective retirement plan.

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Retire Later

At this stage, you are just starting to save funds for your future. You may be in your 30s or 40s and hopefully contributing to a retirement plan at work or an IRA. In any case, while retirement may seem like a ways off, you want to make sure you have a plan and a properly structured portfolio.

One of the most important things you can do during the "Retire Later" stage is to meet with a financial professional and formulate a strategy to help you save for retirement. As you accumulate assets, you should continue to evaluate your retirement strategy and make sure your portfolio is allocated in line with your risk tolerance. It is important to note that aggressive asset allocation may be tempting because retirement is "later," but this approach typically brings more risk and higher portfolio volatility.

Retire Soon

You are most likely in your 50s or early 60s and within 10 years of retirement. You have a retirement plan or account, but you need to be careful in the ensuing years to make sure you are able to retire and enjoy the second phase of your life. You want to make sure you can afford to retire.

In the "Retire Soon" stage, you want to try your best to contribute the maximum to your employer-sponsored plan (i.e. 401k, 403b, etc.) and take advantage of any employer matching. Further, if you are age 50 or older, please consider making the "catch-up" contributions to your retirement plan or account.

Other items to think about during this stage include making sure your designated beneficiary forms for your retirement accounts and life insurance policies are properly completed and that your estate planning documents accurately represent your testamentary wishes. Our firm's founder is also an experienced estate planning attorney. We can provide you with the guidance you need to implement the decisions required to protect your future.

Retired Now

Congratulations! Now it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Hopefully, you have a financial plan to guide you through retirement. You want to make sure that your portfolio is properly structured to produce the appropriate retirement income to meet cash flow needs.

You also want to make sure that you have carefully chosen the appropriate social security benefit option and that you understand your Medicare benefits and potential health care costs. An accurate estimate for health care expenses is often overlooked and requires special attention. Finally, at the "Retired Now" phase, you must remember to take your required minimum distributions from your IRAs to avoid penalties.

Begin Planning for Your Future

The above is just a sampling of some of the issues that you will face on your road to retirement. Our skilled financial advisory team works with numerous clients in Melville, Long Island, and throughout New York to help them identify their retirement needs and goals. We also have a Florida office in Boca Raton, serving clients in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach. We look forward to assisting you as well.

Led by our Certified Financial Planner™ founder, our firm views your financial life in three stages. Call us today at 888-910-1666 or contact us online!

What You Can Expect

When You Work With Piermont Wealth Management
  • An Investment team with a total of more than 20 years of experience.
  • Unique guidance from an estate planning attorney turned Certified Financial Planner®.
  • Comprehensive financial planning services for any investment portfolio.
  • Independent fiduciary advice regulated by the federal government.